Untraditional solutions for traditional shop concepts.

For retail chains that have clearly defined concepts it might be situation which demands for untraditional solutions. What to do?

We had such a situation in new Narvesen store in very downtown of Riga – on Livu square. This location is characteristic by huge customer flow, which is essentially different from other places in Riga. Beside that retail on Livu square is very seasonal which means that it should be more traditional shop on winter time, but on summer time we have to manage very open shop. The night life of the Old town determinates assortment which should be different from traditional Narvesen shops to satisfy night’s customers.
As an additional challenge the premises has octagon shape and glass facades all around.
Recently opened shop shows – we can find solution in any situation. Store layout is made in a way to easy adjust it to summer trade or winter. Only what you have to do is remove few stand and open glass façade. Untraditional for Narvesen chain – there are chairs and tables outdoor.
New design coffee island in the middle of shop makes it convenient for any customer, but for those who loves beer Narvesen offers draught beer which will be available all year around. When the summer really starts the assortment will be even wide.

We made layout of the store, did project management for reconstruction works, we produce and assemble all the shop furniture and shelving systems.
It is really nice and untraditional Narvesen shop in very heart of Ol town!